When I’m not busy creating, I’m most likely sipping sweet tea (and eating way too much junk food) while imagining ways to provide other dreamers with the tools needed to make an impact and grow thriving, sustainable businesses. I am most passionate about taking the guesswork out of the branding process and creating one-of-a-kind visuals and strategies to set you apart. 

If you got this far, thanks for sticking around. My goal is to create value for you, so I’m glad you’re here!


I knew from an early age that I would end up working in the creative field as an adult. Little did I know, that would mean becoming an entrepreneur someday. Growing up (and still today haha), I was often referred to as the “artsy one”. I was known for handling the visual components of any and all group projects in high school. I went on to study at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and earned my BFA in Illustration and Communicative Arts in 2013. Go bees! 

Unfortunately, freelancing right out of college wasn’t paying the bills, so I opted into the draining 9-5 + side hustle lifestyle. At 22, my husband and I found at we were expecting our first child. Much to my surprise, that little baby boy became my inspiration to quit my day job and pursue my dreams full time. Nowadays you can find me at home at my desk drawing or behind my computer designing, all the while wrangling my two rambunctious kiddos. Yup, I’m all about the work at home mom life!

Because I just love to show them off! Not pictured: our energetic, protective pup, Copper.

Cam, Cuinn, & Lark

my why


I’m a junk food addict. I have an entire shelf (or 2) in my pantry dedicated to candy, chocolate, chips, cookies, cereal, etc. Oh and let’s not forget donuts, pizza, cheesecake, banana pudding...I mean I could go on for days! Just know when I’m working on your project, I’m mostly likely munching on something delicious and probably unhealthy. Treat yo’ self, right?! 


I’m obsessed with HGTV. And not just because it’s super trendy right now. I used to want to be an architect, so I think that’s where the obsession began. I legit used to fall asleep to House Hunters every night as a kid. And Fixer Upper, y’all. Amirite?!


I consider myself a homebody. While I love going on adventures with my family, that can get exhausting at times. Toddlers, y’all. But I really just love staying home. It’s my happy place where I feel most at peace and relaxed. And it’s baby proofed so it’s my favorite place!


I love yellow. Surprise! Yellow makes me so happy and uplifts my spirits when I’m feeling down. My favorite song is actually “Yellow” by Coldplay. I even walked down the aisle to it. And I may or may not have been wearing yellow converses. 


I’m always intrigued by miniature things. You can ask my hubby, anytime I see something that’s miniature I have to point it out. Sometimes it’s the opposite, and I’m pointing something that’s at a much larger scale than normal, ha! I think this stems from my love of surrealism. Case in point, Salvador Dalí is my favorite artist of all time. Not far behind is Frida Kahlo. Girl power!


My go-to to decompress is playing The Sims. I could spend hours building and decorating homes on that game. I actually rarely play the live mode, but instead evict all of the people and renovate the existing homes. Channeling my inner Joanna Gaines if you will! 


Family is the most important thing. I grew up in a super close family. The type you talk to everyday, the ones who tell you to call to make sure you got home safely, and the ones that always say “I love you” before hanging up the phone. I’ve even lived down the street from at least one of my relatives for most of my adult life. My family is and always will be my #1 priority and motivation.

These are a few of my favorite things

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BFA in Illustration & Communicative Arts from the Savannah College of Art & Design

Trusted by 100+ creative entrepreneurs and small businesses since 2016.

I Take pride in continuing to grow & Learn to provide you with the very best experience.


- Megan Hartman,
Megan Renee Photography

"All I have to say is... Lauren is INCREDIBLE. From the moment I inquired to the moment of my launch she went out of her way to make my experience & website perfect. She listened to every little thing I said, made everything I wanted happen & designed for me the website of my dreams. She is fast to work, quick to respond, so creative & so kind! I would work with Lauren over & over again & recommend her to everyone. If you're looking for a web designer, go ahead & stop now... because you found her!"

- Chelsea Campbell,
Halcyon Creative

"My experience with Lauren was wonderful! My project was completed very quickly and was just the style I was looking for. Lauren is so talented and friendly, I look forward to working with her in the future!!"

- Mary Elaine Baker,
Patriot Advantage

"We absolutely love Lauren and her creative touch on everything. Quick response time, quick turnaround, and top notch service. We can't rave about her enough!"

- Rachel Strickland,
Savannah Vintage & Event Rentals

"Lauren’s talent is incredible. She was born for this gift! Her vision for the arts is so unique, there is just no one like her! I have had the privilege of working with Lauren, and there is no one else that I would trust with my artistic needs. She is very professional and so understanding; her positivity just radiates. If you are looking for a stress free, truly artistic, and unique experience, this is your girl!"

- Melanie Walker,
Melanie Walker Hair Studio

"I’m not even sure if I could say enough good things about this experience. I had a small, general idea of where I wanted to go and Lauren created a beautiful brand that represents me and my business PERFECTLY! I cannot thank her enough for such a beautiful job well done. The communication, the initial intake, all of it made for a phenomenal experience. I’m so happy!!"

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