I don't put my design style into one box and enjoy the challenge of working with various aesthetics. Take a peek below at the diverse group of photographers my team and I have had the honor to create magic for.

brand & web design portfolio

love at first site.


custom COPYWRITING & showit website


“I LOVE how just high end it makes my brand feel.”

olivia casey

custom branding, illustration, copywriting, & showit website

Created by Ali Coşkunfrom the Noun Project

“WOW BLOWN AWAY! Even better than I anticipated.”

love, modern boho website

custom showit website

love, anneliese

“I'm really impressed!”

custom branding, illustration, copywriting, & showit website

jenn whalen


custom branding, illustration, & showit website

rhody ray


modern boho

custom showit website

Torez Marguerite

“I AM SERIOUSLY SO OBSESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

custom branding & showit website

tammi camp

“Dang girl....yessss! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!”

custom showit website

jessica creech

“I LOVE the A with the floral as the line across.”

custom branding

aislinn timmons

“Love the A+V design. The main logo—perfect! ”

custom illustration & branding

adventure + vow

- Olivia Casey

“From the beginning, Lauren made me feel heard. She gave my brand a voice when I didn't know how to put it into words.

She tried things I was skeptical of, and I'm so glad she did. Lauren took me outside of my comfort zone by creating pieces of art from my art, and those elements were some of my favorite things that came from this process.”

- Love, Anneliese

“I felt I had a clearer vision of my brand voice—before I even saw a design draft! She understood my needs and created an experience my couples will enjoy when they start their photographer search.

If you're looking for a designer who understands your design needs and elevates your brand in your market, Lauren is the perfect person to work with!”

- Jenn Whalen

“Lauren is the best! After 12 months of soul-searching logo designs, brand ideas, dwelling, and more brand ideas, I finally have a brand and website that I love!

I’ve DIY’ed countless websites on my own in the past, but Lauren created a website that I could never do on my own.”

- Rhody Ray

“Everything is SO FREAKING PERFECT. She could not understand me more!! It's like she was inside my brain and knew the images I wanted to show the world, tying them perfectly into the brand.

Lauren and her team are incredible. This has been the greatest experience ever.

- Torez Marguerite

“Every page is perfection. You guys don’t even know how good it is. I honestly could stare at my website all day. If you’re looking for a new website, I know this really cool and sweet designer.

I feel like Lauren handed me keys to a castle.

- Tammi Camp

“OH, MY LANTA! OH, MY STARS! OH, MY WORD!!!! I am shooketh! I am freaking out! It’s soooo gooooood. Lauren killed it. How does she get me so well?!

Thank you again for everything, Lauren. I'm so obsessed with my site!”

- Jessica Creech

“She’s the bomb.com! I am OBSESSED. Lauren took the vision for my dream website and turned it into reality. Get you a website designer who spoils you!

Thank you so much for creating my dream website!”

Ready to levitate your brand and website with me? 

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