(Helping photographers transform their boring brands and websites into meaningful messaging and designs that actually work and feel like them.)

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The truth is, you deserve a brand and website that finally looks and sounds like you, stands the test of time, and, frankly, makes you money.

Otherwise, what’s the point? Let me help you level up.

Maybe you’re a habitual DIYer. Or perhaps you’ve hired designer after designer to rebrand year after year. All the while, none of it genuinely felt like you, and now it’s holding you back. 

"mischief managed" to your website woes

Chances are, your current brand and website can no longer keep up with you.

"I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good"

I’m a designer, illustrator, copywriter, and unapolagetic "Potterhead!"

I have a knack for overhauling drab designs and mediocre messaging into outright masterpieces. I am here to create the brand and website of your wildest dreams, and we're going to have a damn good time, too!

Hey you, I’m Lauren—in case that wasn't obvious.

“Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic..."

Did you know it takes less than 50 milliseconds on average for your website to capture your ideal client’s attention and make a first impression? This free guide will help you write a home page that they never want to leave—well, except to book you!

Download the free home page copywriting template.

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"Take the lot" and launch a new magical brand and Showit website in just a month's time in this fully custom experience.

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Let's make one of my Showit templates and signature copywriting template yours in three weeks or less.

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Hire me as your Showit wizard for a messaging and design day intensive to check off the tasks that you need an expert for.

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- Love, Anneliese

“I felt I had a clearer vision of my brand voice—before I even saw a design draft! She understood my needs and created an experience my couples will enjoy when they start their photographer search.

If you're looking for a designer who understands your design needs and elevates your brand in your market, Lauren is the perfect person to work with!”

- Jenn Whalen

“Lauren is the best! After 12 months of soul searching logo designs, brand ideas, dwelling, and more brand ideas, I FINALLY have a website and brand that I LOVE!

I’ve DIY’ed countless websites on my own in the past, but Lauren created a website that I could never do on my own.”

- Rhody Ray

“Everything is SO FREAKING PERFECT. She could not understand me more!! It's like she was inside my brain and knew the images I wanted to show the world, tying them perfectly into the brand.

Lauren and her team are incredible. This has been the greatest experience ever.”

- Torez Marguerite

“Every page is perfection. You guys don’t even know how good it is. I honestly could stare at my website all day. If you’re looking for a new website I know this really cool and sweet designer.

I feel like Lauren handed me keys to a castle.” 

- Tammi Camp

“OH, MY LANTA! OH, MY STARS! OH, MY WORD!!!! I am shooketh! I am freaking out! It’s soooo gooooood. Lauren killed it. How does she get me so well?!

Thank you again for everything, Lauren. I’m so obsessed with my site!!”

- Jessica Creech

“She’s the bomb.com! I am OBSESSED. Lauren took the vision for my dream website and turned it into reality. Get you a website designer who spoils you!

Thank you so much for creating my dream website!”

Ready to levitate your brand and website with me?