The Retro Illustration Pack for Showit

custom illustrations

30 Illustrations + Icons
Converted to Showit Icons
Video tutorial
Standard or Commercial license

what's included:

The Retro Illustration Pack is an add-on for Showit that includes 30 illustrations and icons that add funk to any design. These easy-to-use illustrations are accessed via a share key in Showit. In addition to being converted to custom icons in the Showit app, each illustration is also packaged in SVG and EPS formats for use in other design and marketing softwares, such as Canva and Adobe.

04. Grab the "butterbeer" and toast to your personality-filled website!

iStar_Design_Restaurant_LineIcons_Outlined_Artboard 1096

03. Watch the tutorial to reposition, recolor, and resize the illustrations.


02. Receive the pack's share key and add it to your Showit library.


01. Select and purchase your favorite illustration pack(s).


a process so simple, even a "muggle" can add some magic

See how easy it really is.

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please note: all sales are final

For unlimited use in client work. Prohibits use in templates for resale.


one payment of:

Commercial License

please note: all sales are final

For single-use in your own brand, website, and marketing.


one payment of:

Standard License

Purchase below to get instant access to begin utilizing the illustrations right away so you can add some umph to your website–or your client's!

Magical illustrations are just a click away.

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After purchase, you'll receive a PDF with the illustration pack's unique share key. Once you've added the pack to your Showit libraby, just copy and paste the illustration(s) into your website design.

01. How do I add the illustrations to my website?

Super easy! Each illustration has already been converted into a custom icon in Showit. After pasting in an illustration click the bounding box to resize and reposition. You can recolor from the Icon Settings menu on the left to customize the illustrations even more.

02. How easy are the illustrations to customize in Showit?

Standard Licenses are for use by a single user in their own brand, website, or marketing. Commercial Licenses are for use by a single user (most likely a designer) in unlimited client projects. If you plan to do both, please purchase both licenses.

Use in templates, Showit or otherwise, for resale is NEVER permitted, no matter the license.

03. Which license do I need?

Because of the nature of digital products, I do not offer refunds. Upon purchase, you agree to the refund policy and copyright agreement, so please be sure before purchasing! 

For more detailed information about each license, please reach out below.

04. Do you offer refunds?

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Illustration Pack Bundle No. 1

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the retro illustration pack 

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