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Custom Brand & Showit Template Customization for Kailee Rose

A creative soul with a mild obsession of Harry Potter and a passion for serving other creatives through meaningful and high-converting brand and web design.

Hi, I'm Lauren.

Kailee Rose Photo + Video’s custom brand & Showit template customization have us wanting to book our next adventure and explore new places!

Kailee Rose founded her photography and videography business in 2018 in Nashville, TN. While she may be based in the U.S., Kailee specializes in documenting destination weddings and elopements worldwide for couples who want to remember all the feels.

Kailee’s brand mixes sophistication and adventure, echoing her intention to create luxury experiences for her couples while reminding them to still have fun on their wedding day.

showit template customization

The Messaging

Behind every successful brand is clear, concise, and conversion-friendly messaging. Every semi-custom experience with LRC includes custom messaging assets. You’ll receive high-converting website copywriting, SEO titles and descriptions, and a 10-page messaging manual.

We believe messaging informs design. So we begin by writing the tagline for your brand and copy for your website before designing anything. At the end of the project, you’ll walk away with a well-written, SEO-rich website and tools such as a word bank to write content in the future.

Here’s a look at a messaging highlight created exclusively for Kailee Rose Photo + Video:

showit template customization

The Brand

Next, we create your custom mini brand kit, including foundational visual elements such as a primary logo, alternate logo, submark, sourced illustrations, typography selections, and color palette.

In addition to these elements, we also create a custom brand manual to show you how to use your brand cohesively throughout your website and beyond.

Here’s a look at the brand kit designed exclusively for Kailee Rose Photo + Video:

photographer brand design

Sourced illustrations: Herbs, Berries, & Fruit and Tropical Leaves Line Art

The Website

Lastly, we combine everything to customize one of our dynamic, scroll-stopping Showit website templates. From the homepage to the contact page, every inch of the website is thoughtfully designed.

Here’s a look at the before & after of the Kailee Rose Photo + Video website customized from our Eliza Mae Showit template:

From The Client:

“Lauren listened to everything I had to say, considered all my requests, took my million crazy ideas, and worked her magic to make my brand concise, clear, and simply ME.”

– Kailee Rose

See The Brand & Website In Action

Head over to Kailee’s site to witness the magic for yourself, and comment below on what you think!

Ready for your own custom brand and Showit website? Let’s make some magic already!

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