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How to Create a Usable Pinterest Inspiration Board


A common question I get from clients before their project timeline even begins is: What on earth do I add to my Pinterest inspiration board for my brand and website?

The short answer: ANYTHING that sparks joy (in Marie Kondo fashion).

The long answer: let me share my best tips of what to pin with links to my own boards and group boards packed with endless inspo!


Start with pinning color swatches, color palettes, mood boards, and images with colors that resonate with you and your brand.

Check out my color board and pin away!


Pin font pairings you like in logo designs, quotes, and websites. You’ll be surprised just how often you’ll see a common theme of what you like without even knowing it beforehand.

Check out my typography board and pin away!


Try to find a variety of logos with layouts and font pairings that you find appealing. Look for a horizontal layout, a stacked layout, and a shape or icon layout.

Check out my brands’ board and pin away!


If you desire illustrations in your brand, I would highly suggest finding examples of the style you want.

Check out my illustration board and pin away!


While your final brand may not include specific branded patterns and textures, you can certainly draw inspiration from them.

Check out my patterns + textures board and pin away!


Last but not least, pin some websites. This will help you determine what layout you prefer and the level of simplicity or complexity of the design you desire.

Check out my web design board and pin away!

Some other boards you may enjoy and find useful:

*Or feel free to browse and pin some brands and websites from my portfolio.*

My Top 5 Tips:

1 | Just Pin: Start by pinning any and everything you love that relates to you and your brand.

2 | Use the boards I’ve shared to help you find inspiration.

3 | Edit: Go back through and determine any common themes and remove the pins that don’t fit in.

4 | Repeat Step 3 until your board feels consistent, cohesive, and purposeful.

5 | Have fun and be inspired!


Check out my posts on colors and fonts for a more in-depth look into the selection of each.

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